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  • Ocak 1, 2017
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Fashionable Hairstyles for Female Models

Fashionable hairstyles for female models

Twenties-style waves

Classical themes are quite a popular hairstyle in the fashion industry in the present days. The styling of waves inspired from the late fifties was a major success.

Too long hairs

The straightening of smooth and shiny long hairs is quite fashionable now days. Ethereal allures, which are being created using the realistic extensions, have become a popular style statement.

Wet look locks

The Wet look locks hairstyle focuses on the face and the hairs are ultra-slicked back and they are fastened at crowns that give a scandalous and strict look.

 The fringe

The fringe hairstyle was out of the fashion industry for quite a time but it came back in the recent years and resembled the styling of the late 70s.

The plait in all its forms

The Plaits form of hairstyle is famous among all the hairstylists from Paris to New York. The Hairstylists keep on experimenting with Plaits to give a textured and unique feel. The form of hairstyle is perfect for all forms of hairstyles.

Slicked back curtains

It is considered as the most trending hairstyle in the fashion industry in the recent years. It is a form of Wet look hairstyle, which has been parted into two.



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