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  • Ocak 18, 2017
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The Most Fashionable and Popular Hairstyles Among the Models

The most fashionable and popular hairstyles among the models

The low ponytail

At the present time it is considered tat “less is more”. The low ponytail hairstyle is popular among the models. It is a simple hairstyle with the ponytails held in place with the help of a black hair tie. It gives an elegant hairstyle and youthful look.

The return of the crimp

The hairstyle is quite classy as it dates back to the 80s. It adds a great deal of fun to the hairstyle and it is popular among the models.

The ballerina bun

The classic ballerina bun is added the taste of fantasy to the hairstyle. It ranges from a messy bun to a double twist or a style of origami chignon.

Ultra-voluminous hair

The Ultra-voluminous style is much popular among the hairstylists. It is a classic hairstyle, which features backcombing and endless amount of curls.

The French Pleat

The French pleat resembles the French Rock Culture dating back to late 50s. It is a romantic and curly hairstyle, which is held tightly in place.

The most trending hairstyle in the fashion world is enhancing the hairstyles with flower clips, jewels, glitzy diadems and even the metallic crowns.



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